Bio-electric Machine

The Bioelectricity-Meridian Massager utilizes electrical resonance to counter the unhealthy vibrations of the patient’s internal cells. The practitioner determines the frequency of the unhealthy message vibrations within the patient’s body and, utilizing the machine’s settings, can counter the negative resonance of the disharmonious cells by transmitting vibrations using an inverse frequency.

This has a counter effect to the negative energy emitted by the unhealthy cells and acts as a neutralizer, bringing the cells back into balance and bringing the body back into a normalized state. The machine sends vibrations through the body of the practitioner, where it works in conjunction with the Qi of the practitioner to bring the patient’s meridians back into balance. As the patient is given the treatment, the meridian pathways are cleared and blood is freely circulated within the body. Blood vessels expand and oxygen enriches the system, flushing out carbon dioxide.

Bioelectric-Meridian therapy can change the surface charge of cell membranes. . Bioelectric-Meridian therapy enables the manipulation of these charges to help bring your body back to an ideal balance of pH, which is slightly alkaline

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Bio-electrical winking physio-therapy principle

First, activate the cell:

When the human body fluid is acidified, the cell strength will gradually decrease, resulting in various pathological conditions in the human body. Bioelectrical under the conduction current, with the imbibition massage cream, the oil used together, enables the sub-health and diseased cells alive, the normal charging, restored to health.

Second, the power is normal:

Every cell in the human body is charged. When the sub-health state or disease occurs, the electrification will change. Under the current conduction, bioelectric mobilizes the bioelectricity of the human body to act on the customer, and the cells are normally charged through the cell biofilm.

Third, acid and acid correction:

Under the action of bioelectric conduction, according to the principle of heterogeneous charge attraction, the extracellular positive charge increases, attracting too much acidic negative ions, and excreting through the blood circulation to achieve the effect of discharging acidic garbage and correcting the body.

Fourth, pass through the active:

Infiltration massage oil is an alkaline element supplement for appoints. The difference between appoints and non-appoints is that the alkaline elements in the appoints are very rich. After stimulation points, alkaline elements It will follow the meridian and neutralize the acidic waste to play the role of circulation.

Bio-electric machine is:

Our technique is not a simple massage services. It touches the epidermis and acts on the inside of the body. It can reach 15-20 cm under the skin. It can penetrate the entire chest, also called the viscera massage. No senior masseuse can achieve such penetration.

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