What is Bio-Electric Machine?

Bioelectrical imbibition physiotherapy principle of Bio-technology

  • First, activate the cell:
    • When the human body fluid is acidified, the cell strength will gradually decrease, resulting in various pathological and pathological conditions in the human body. Bioelectric under the action of current conduction, combined with inhalation massage cream, oil together, can make sub-healthy and pathological cells active, normal electrification, and return to a healthy state.
  • Second, power is normal:
    • Every cell in the human body is charged. When the sub-health or disease state occurs, the electrification will change. Under this current conduction, bioelectricity machine mobilizes bio-electricity of the human body to act on the client, and the cells are normally charged through the cell biofilm
  • Third, acid and acid correction: Under the action of bio-electric conduction, according to the principle of heterogeneous charge attraction, the extracellular positive charge increases, attracting too much acidic negative ions and excreting through the blood circulation to achieve the effect of discharging acidic garbage and correcting body
  • Fourth, pass through the active:
    • infiltration massage oil is an alkaline element supplement for acupoints. The difference between acupoints and non-acupoints is that the alkaline elements in the acupoints are very rich. Bio-Electric is to supplement the alkaline elements into the acupuncture points. After stimulation points, alkaline elements It will follow the meridian and neutralize the acidic waste to play the role of circulation

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