Bioelectric therapy is a safe, best result and drug-free treatment option for people in pain.

How Many Session You Need


You can see the result after each session. Usually, a series of treatments is necessary to resolve a condition. Each case and condition is treated individually. A consultation is needed to determine what is needed for each patient. Treatments can last between 45 to 90 minutes in length with the first consultation usually lasting longer.

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You are the next outlook, who wants to stay beautiful with bio-electric beauty therapy

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Through the cell surface charge flowing from bioelectricity, this therapy helps to relax smooth muscles through vasodilation, promote blood circulation, and boost blood oxygen supply. It can improve cell metabolism, accelerate cell waste discharge, regulating chemicals and hormones.

Benefits of Bio Electric

Every cell in the human body is ion-charged. When the sub-health state or disease occurs, the electrification will change. Under the conduction of current, Bioelectric mobilizes the Bioelectricity of the human body to act on the customer, and the cells are normally charged through the cell’s biofilm.

Biophysical Therapy

You know and don’t understand, it will gradually become popular, because more and more people know how to maintain health.


Bioelectric Machine

Before you learn it, it will enter the family, because physical illness always exists.


Beauty Therapy

As the health and future of drugs becomes uncertain, health technology will surpass, ensuring it will become an evitable commodity, as it will become part of your future!


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The way that Bio-Electric Machine works on cells:

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Freya Sanz | ACTRESS

Bioelectric beauty therapy is a company with fantastic machine which i used for my skin lift,Also i was so happy with costumer service that they had.

- Freya Sanz

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Mark Ficher | MR. AMERICA

I highly recommend Bio-Electric machine for any back pain , i want to mention that the power is normal and staff are so professional. I wanna say warmly thank Bioelectric beauty therapy.

- Mark Ficher

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Best Result !

I used Bio-Electric Machine for my legs because of Varicose Veins that i had, they asked me for 4 session i can complete my treatment , but after 3 session it was completely disappear. Thanks Dear samira and bioelectric beauty therapy company

- Diana Burnwood

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